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Online Auto Title Loans for Wedding Expenses

Did you know that the average wedding costs more than $25,000? Even budget-minded couples typically spend about $10,000 on their big day. How do you plan to cover the cost of your wedding? Online auto title loans are a great solution for many couples.


How to Pay for a Wedding

Don’t let a wedding-related financial crunch force you to reschedule or down-size. When it comes to the big day, everything has a price tag. For example, national averages indicate that couples routinely plunk down about $1,500 for flowers and decorations, nearly $1,000 on invitations, about $2,700 for photos and videos, plus nearly $3,000 on attire and entertainment.

Experts say the five biggest components of a typical wedding budget (with average price ranges) are:

  • The venue ($10,000 and up)
  • Food (depends on number of guests, but $5,000 marks the low end)
  • The honeymoon ($5,000-$10,000)
  • Rings ($2,000-$6,000)
  • Photography/video services ($1,500-$2,500)

The thousands add up pretty quickly, especially for lavish ceremonies held in select venues. That’s why online auto title loans for wedding expenses are increasingly popular as a way to make this important life event more manageable.

The idea makes sense because so few people can fund their weddings without financial help of some kind. With an auto title loan, your special day may go as planned, minus the financial headaches and worries. That way, you may focus on the fun part of the day, if you’re not completely exhausted from the long nights of planning!

How Online Auto Title Loans for Wedding Expenses May Bring Calm to a Hectic Day

Planning a wedding budget can be a challenge for anyone. Online auto title loans may act as the financial buffer you need to keep everything running smoothly, from the proposal to the honeymoon! As you mark off the paid items on your wedding expenses checklist, it becomes obvious how quickly budget stress sets in.

What do “average” couples spend money on? For weddings large and small, people usually hire photographers and video crews, caterers and DJs. Then there are the invitations, flowers and decorations, dresses and tuxedos, the bride’s hair styling, venue rental and catering.

Wedding planners say you should allocate about half your total budget for the reception, 2 percent for gifts, and 8 percent for miscellaneous items (a wedding coordinator, for example). Then, designate about 10 percent each for entertainment, attire, photo/video and “the unexpected.” When it comes to weddings, always expect the unexpected, and budget for it!

A moderate dose of planning will pay huge benefits. You don’t need to spend a fortune on your special day, but whether your wedding is an extravagant or modest affair, there is no reason to let “surprise” expenses mar the day’s atmosphere. Keep online auto title loans in mind as a pain-free way to pay for at least part of the tab.